The Conscious Hub is an information hub for all things conscious. Whether you need to find out what’s going on in your local area, when you’re traveling or moving to a new place. We want to link up communities so that’s why listings are free because it’s important to keep this information ‘alive’. Creating community is key to creating a better world.

Conscious is a well used word at the moment and this website is simply a guide to help you navigate through the world you live in. There is no right and no wrong, where you are at is right here and right now. We do however, incorporate the categories of Mind, Body, Spirit and living a Sustainable Life as guideposts to living consciously.

The state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

There are many different paths within our community. We recognise that we’re all unique individuals so bringing together the different paths encourages us to find what works for us. We understand that different teachings may resonate with and not others, there is no judgement about any particular teaching. We encourage you to experiment and you may find what works for someone else might not resonate with you or you might just find something that really helps you.

Being conscious is also being real – real about who you are. Courageous enough to look at your shadow and understand that your inner world creates your outer world. Courageous enough to take responsibility for your actions and the world you have created. Every one of us is responsible for how we feel, think and react to situations and realising there is no right or wrong. We all participate in this and no one is superior. Life isn’t easy but when we recognise our reactions by accepting them and lessening the charge inside of us, then we can really effect change. Change comes from with in you.

Our ethos about living consciously is: “it’s not all about me, I care about the people around me and the environment I live in.”

Our mission is to bring together the conscious community through an easy to use and accessible website. A useful information and networking hub relevant to you no matter where you are in the world. We aim to break down the old competitive paradigm and encourage working together so that we create a better world.



Post Tags are really important when you add a Listing, Event, Article or Notice.

To reach the right audience type in your Location to the Tags Field.

For instance, a notice intended for people in Glastonbury you need to type Glastonbury in the Tags Field, then if you’d like to include the rest of Somerset also write Somerset in the Tags field. You may even want the notice read further afield so then type in UK or Europe in the Tags Field.
For cities you may want to specify a Suburb e.g. Vinings, Atlanta; Ealing, London; Sandy Cove, Dublin;

Note it is important to type in whichever geographical description is relevant to the audience you wish to appeal to: Suburb/Town/City/County/State/Country/Continent. If your notice is highly specialized then type in the Continent!

Similarly, when you search Listings, Events, Articles or Notices type in the search box the Location of the area you are interested in: Suburb/Town/City/County/State/Country/Continent.

Narrow the search by typing a category in the search box such as “Hatha Yoga.” For more than one category type a comma between each category e.g. Hatha Yoga, Classes or Reiki Share, Group.

It really helps your business if you have reviews so encourage your clients to write a review about your service.

Entering addresses
It’s your decision where to locate your Place or Event Listing on the map. So you could enter the address of the service, note this can be a public landmark such as town centre square if you wish to maintain privacy. For practitioners if you practice at a center then enter the center address.

First of all, select the Event Category: Creative/Media, Eco, MBS, Travel

Then, select the Type of Event: Class, Course, Conference, Workshop, Webinar, Webconference, Retreat, Tour

If you’ve already set up an event on Facebook then you don’t have to type it all out again simply press the Social Importer button.



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